Christine Bath
Design + Research

Ace-Up Dashboards

  • Visual Design

In the summer of 2016, a friend who works as a Product Manager for Ace-Up reached out for help. She was managing the relaunch of their core product and needed to bring on additional design resources to get all the mockups done in time for their development cycle, which was fast approaching. I agreed to take on the dashboard portion of their product and deliver high fidelity mock ups according to her style guide and wireframes.

Inbox and messaging
Inbox and messaging UI for Ace-Up dashboards
Coach profiles and client scheduling
Coach profiles and client scheduling UI for Ace-Up dashboards

I first did an inventory of their wireframes and made sure I understood the exact views and interactions she needed to give her developers. We discussed what delivery method would work best for her team, and I got to work.

Coach calendar interface
Coach calendar interface for Ace-Up dashboards

Since I knew the PSDs would be used heavily by her team, I made sure to make them as clean as possible. One of my first steps was to build typographic styles to easily apply and modify styling across all layouts. I also kept a clean palette of the colors identified in the style guide and which I added for her review. Grouping and labeling layers was also key in keeping the PSD clean and organized.