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Boston Rickshaw

  • Branding
  • Illustration

I am no longer an avid cyclist (got doored and hit one too many times), but I have always been surrounded by the Boston cycling community. Through them I met Mark Colegrove, the owner of Boston Rickshaw who wanted to get an official logo for his growing pedicab business.

In our initial conversations, we spoke about what he wanted to communicate with his brand. He wanted a logo that was strong, bold and unapologetically Boston. And he wanted to simplify the logo to "BR" and stick with strong colors.

final logo
Final logo for Boston Rickshaw in on red and on grey

We landed on this concept after a few iterations. As the design was going to press, the owner got the logo tattooed on his leg, so I’d say he was pretty satisfied.

out in the wild. source
Boston Rickshaw employees wearing the logo on a shirt