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A big part of my job as Design Director at Cogo is to coordinate design resources across our portfolio companies. In 2015, one of our portfolio companies reached out to help rebrand their flagship property, CareDash. The team has been experimenting in the wellness space for a while and wanted to refresh their brand to prepare for a full scale launch. I organized a small design competition among the Cogo designers and ultimately designed the icon for CareDash’s refreshed brand.

old to new
Old CareDash logo versus the new CareDash logo

The first step was to understand what CareDash wanted to present to their users. Over time, they had evolved their mission to giving consumers and patients the information they need to proactively manage their health and well being. Their in house creative team had started rethinking the site UX and had some UI inspiration that they passed along, but they wanted help with the logo. Besides a few general color directions, the creative team was open to any concept. They did not like the current iconography — the sizing was off and it did not evoke much emotion or movement. So with that, we went to work.

For open-ended projects like this, I like to organize mini design competitions within the team to get the most ideas and perspectives as quickly as possible. Because our team has a variety of skill levels and expertise, it is also a good, low pressure way for junior designers to experiment with illustration and get detailed feedback. Over the course of a few days, I had the four additional designers within Cogo submit at least 2 ideas to the group during our weekly critique meeting. We reviewed the submissions, considered feedback, and a few days later presented a set of 7 solid concepts to the CareDash creative team.

my submissions with color variations
Initial logo mockups for CareDash

When I was sketching ideas, I was drawn to the heart shape because of its obvious connotation with health and its friendly impact. But, I was also drawn to the idea of weaving multiple shapes together. Health is not a static thing; it evolves and combines from a number of factors over time. Similarly, CareDash wanted to mold its services and experience based on hundreds of thousands of users with different needs and lifestyles. I ultimately landed on a ribbon / heart mashup. I used negative space to emphasize the motion of two threads moving at once to make one shape.

final icon with updated coloring
Final CareDash logo with updated coloring

The CareDash team decided to move forward with my logo. I adjusted the coloring to their final palette choice and shipped it to be used. The creative team ultimately decided to adjust the typography to a more scripty font (which I agree was a good decision), but the icon has remained unchanged.

The icon continues to be a key piece of their branding and continues to capture the spirit and mission of CareDash. Here are a few snapshots of the icon in action at the (ever growing) CareDash.

the logo integrated into their site experience (site design by CareDash)
Caredash logo on the CareDash website
the CareDash entryway source
CareDash logo in the CareDash office
shirt swag for the team source
CareDash employees wearing shirts with the new logo