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Local government always has a place in my heart. At my first job working for the Boston Municipal Research Bureau, I got to see the challenges and celebrations governments face while serving their citizens. When I found Code for America/Code for Boston, I was excited to bring my new skills as a designer/developer back to public service.

final logos
final eversave logos

In 2016 I worked with the EnerSave team at Code for Boston to help define the style for their project. COBs EnerSave team helping the City of Cambridge compete for the $5 million Georgetown Energy Prize, which is awarded to the city who shows the greatest drop in energy usage over 3 years. I listened about what they wanted from the final product - a gamified experience where Somerville residents can track, compare and research energy usage across Cambridge and create teams to compete with their neighbors.

Dashboard visual design skins
Dashboard visual design skins

I helped define their initial style + branding ahead of their spring demo night. Of the course of a few sessions I provided logo design + site style guide suggestions to help as they continued to refine their product and pitch. For the logo I looked at industry trends and thought about the primary audience for the product - environmentally conscious renters who want to do their part.

Additional logo iterations and brainstorming
Additional logo iterations and brainstorming