Christine Bath
Design + Research

Riddle Earth

  • Front-End
  • Full Stack
  • Python
  • UX
  • Visual Design

I am not much one for riddles, but I do like a challenge. So when a former coworker asked if I could build him a site where he could post riddles and have people guess the right answer, I said yes. And that's how I became the lead developer for which has over 600 subscribers who have submitted over 121,000 guesses to 150 riddles.

the riddle UI with original riddle: give it a shot
the riddle UI with original riddle: <a href="">give it a shot</a>

I built the site using

  • Flask and Postgres for the backend
  • Jinja templating with component-centric css for the front end
  • Jquery + Ajax for seamless UI interactions
  • Unit testing with Python unittest
  • API integration with AWS to manage assets and mail chimp/mandril to manage communication with users

I also developed a database backup script for automatic 15-minute / hourly / day backups for added security: boto-backup.

Specific features and skills I learned as I went:

  • Developing a useful admin interface and permissions so our riddle writers can submit, edit and publish riddles.
  • Assigning points to users based on their riddle guesses and setting up a leaderboard
  • Password retrieval and resets

leaderboard + signup flows
leaderboard + signup flows

Sadly, the team retired after 2 years of riddling. Rest in peace, you lovely website. Thanks for putting me in uncomfortably new territory so that I could learn and grow.